Your Pocket Guide to Choose the Perfect Style of Ronaldo’s Jerseys!

In the football world, some players bring victory to their clubs, and then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who himself is a talent to be celebrated. Born in 1985 in Portugal’s island city of Funchal, he began his career with Sporting Lisbon and was spotted by Manchester United during a friendly match in 2003.

His remarkable performance made him a hot topic of conversation for every Manchester player that day, resulting in his debut in the club. And the rest is history.

Today, he stands as the top goal scorer in football history, even passing Messi with a commendable margin of approximately 30 strikes under his name. That’s why his name will be written in the books and fans’ hearts as a true symbol of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Everyone loves him for his striking capabilities and utmost devotion to fitness. His fans admire him for all the right reasons. Remember the Coca-Cola incident, when one step by him left an unimaginable impact on the company’s market value?

That’s Ronaldo's magic. 

As a fan, there are numerous ways to support him beyond the pitch, and having a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey could be one. So, readers, keep reading the blog as we take you on a ride, finding the surprising facts about the inspiring footballer to unveil 5 jersey styles you must add to your collection now.

Who, What, & Why– Quick Facts About CR7

Ronaldo, a common name in the homes of football lovers, had a fantastic journey filled with challenges, breakthroughs, and shocks. It wouldn’t be wrong to label his story as a spectacular book written to be praised worldwide.

Knowing a few chapters inked under his name is thus a must for fans like you. So, here’s a list of exciting facts about your favorite football striker that made the news. 

Made two debuts with the Red Devils

After the team and staff convinced the then-Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson Manager, to sign Ronaldo, it took only a few games until he became the rising star of the field. 

He spent around six years at Old Trafford Football Club (F.C.) until he could wear Real Madrid Jersey.

But that was not the only debut; in 2021, he again made a sensational return to the Red Devils, making it the top news of the sports world that year.

Obsession with no. 7

You must be familiar with the menswear brand CR7; Ronaldo considers this iconic number ‘7’ lucky. But do you know why?

This episode belongs to his initial days at Manchester United. When he joined, jersey number seven was vacated by David Beckham. Though he was new, his brilliant skills made him fit for the mantle, according to Ferguson.

M.U. manager believed in him, which became the turning point in his sporting career, making him win many titles for the club. 

However, the saga of number 7 didn’t end there. No matter which club he joined, the jersey number was assigned to him sooner or later.

That’s also a reason his brand has the same digit.

5 Times FIFA Ballon d'Or award winner

Ronaldo has bagged the Ballon d’Or title five times, making him nothing less than a G.O.A.T. He is a player with the most goals in football history, surpassing Messi and the legendary Pele.

And that’s not all; he has many other honors under his name, including–

  • UEFA Best Player in Europe (4 times)
  • Champions League winner (5 times)
  • Footballer of the Year (14 times)

And many more.

His professional career spans over twenty years, and he stands as proof– that great things come with dedication, discipline, and hard work. 

Ronaldo’s transfer to Al Nassr– a shocking yet remarkable move

He spent many years playing for England, Spain, and his home country, Portugal. Therefore, his recent transfer to Saudi’s Club Al Nassr was bound to send shockwaves worldwide.

What was touted as an outcome of an unfavorable misunderstanding between the present Manchester United manager and Cristiano somehow signals a shift to the Middle East.

Until now, Europe and America have enjoyed a monopoly over the sport. But this move has paved the way for the decentralization of Football. As soon as this news broke out, fans witnessed many other transfers of famous stars such as–Benzema, Mane, and Neymar.

And the list is expected to go long. 

5 Iconic Jersey Styles Every Ronaldo Fan Must Own!

The news and facts will go on. It’s time to give ardent fans a dopamine rush with the iconic must-have Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey Styles. Below are the most popular designs which you would definitely love to add to your collection–

Real Madrid Home UCL Final Ronaldo Jersey

Real Madrid Home UCL Final Ronaldo Jersey

Featuring Real Madrid's classic all-white design, a symbol of the club's prestige and history, it includes the UEFA Champions League (UCL) logo, indicating its significance as the kit worn during the UCL final.

It’s designed for a comfortable and athletic fit, with the iconic Real Madrid crest on the chest and Ronaldo's name and number 7 prominently displayed on the back.

World Cup 2018 Portugal Home Ronaldo 7# print Jersey

Ronaldo 7# print Jersey

The jersey boasts Portugal's traditional home colors, deep red with green and gold accents, creating a visually striking and patriotic design. The official Portuguese national team crest is elegantly embroidered on the left chest, while the Nike swoosh is featured on the right chest.

Manchester United Third RONALDO #7 Premier League Shirt 1 2008-2009

RONALDO #7 Premier League Shirt

Another style that deserves your attention is Ronaldo’s jersey from the Red Devils, which has no red. It features a sharp blue color, including the M.U. crest on the left chest, the AIG sponsor logo across the front, and Ronaldo’s name displayed on the back with the number 7 below it.

Unlike others, this jersey is predominantly popular for its V-neck style.

21-22 Manchester United Welcome Ronaldo Back DIY Jersey

Ronaldo Back DIY Jersey

It’s a special commemorative jersey celebrating Ronaldo’s return to the club. Boasting red color with black and white accents, it’s seemingly a style piece perfect for sporting activities and casual wear.

Al Nassr Ronaldo 7 Home Jersey 22-23

Ronaldo 7 Home Jerse

Following his exit from Old Trafford Club, Ronaldo’s Middle-eastern jersey features a vibrant yellow main body, with sleeves and shoulders in blue. 

The number 7 is still imprinted on his jersey, making it a personal treasure for the striker.

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