Why Does Argentina Wear Blue and White Soccer Jerseys?

Every soccer fan knows that iconic blue and white striped jersey - the symbol of Argentina's national team, "La Albiceleste." But have you ever wondered why they wear these distinctive colors? Well, if you don't know, let me tell you that there is a rich history behind it. And, if you are a true fan, you need to know that so you can share your knowledge with your soccer buddies and be the center of attention as they learn something new from you.

Keep reading! Today, in this journey through history, you will explore the roots of Argentina's beloved Argentinian football jersey, from the Byzantine Empire to Napoleon, and learn how these colors became a part of football's rich tapestry.

Argentina Blue and White Soccer Jerseys


The Historical Journey of Argentina's Blue and White Soccer Jerseys

Argentina's devotion to the blue and white color scheme returns to the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines regarded blue as the color of nobility, and even artists adorned the revered St. Mary in blue robes. This artistic choice eventually permeated religious traditions and paved the way for blue's significance.

During the Renaissance, artists began using a precious gem called lapis lazuli to create a vibrant blue pigment. This pigment, known as "ultramarinus," derived from Latin meaning "from over the sea," was an exquisite shade of blue. However, the blue would not become the hallmark of Argentina's jerseys.

Charles III and His Order

In the 18th century, the Spanish King Charles III played a pivotal role in determining the colors for Argentina's future soccer jerseys. Charles III created the Order of Charles III in 1771, a special society for prominent Spaniards, to celebrate the birth of his grandchild. He chose blue and combined the order's colors with white, inspired by his prayers to St. Mary.

Charles III's blue was notably paler than the one traditionally associated with St. Mary, setting the stage for Argentina's unique color choice. By 1808, when Napoleon emerged on the European stage, his actions triggered revolts, including one in Argentina. The Argentinian rebels donned pale blue and white to distinguish themselves from Bonapartist fighters and show loyalty to King Ferdinand VII.

The Napoleon Connection and Argentina's War for Independence

By 1808, Napoleon was making waves in Europe. He pressured Charles III's grandson, Ferdinand VII, to step down and placed his brother, Joseph Bonaparte, on the Spanish throne. Argentina, along with many other regions, rebelled. The Argentinian rebels donned pale blue and white to show loyalty to the legitimate king of Spain, Ferdinand VII.

Two years later, in 1810, Argentina's War for Independence erupted. Manuel Belgrano, a key leader in the fight, created the Cockade of Argentina - a ribbon in the same pale blue and white, a nod to the colors of the Order of Charles III and a symbol of their resistance.

Argentina's Adoption of Blue and White Jerseys

The national flag featuring these same colors was officially adopted in 1816. Two years later, the sun was added, signifying a bright future for the nation. When presenting the flag, Belgrano likened the colors to the sky and clouds, forever connecting them to the Argentinian spirit.

But when did these colors in the Argentina national football team jersey make their way to the soccer pitch? It wasn't until 1902 when the Argentina National Team played their first international match, wearing a pale blue jersey. However, in 1908, they donned the kit with white and pale blue stripes when they faced a team of Brazilian stars. And incredibly, 114 years later, Argentina still proudly sports the same iconic colors.

The Modern Significance of Argentina's Soccer Jerseys

Today, Argentina's blue and white soccer jerseys have achieved legendary status in football. This official Argentina soccer jersey represents the nation's rich history, passion, and unrelenting spirit. In 2022, when they lifted the FIFA World Cup trophy, they proved that the heart and soul of their nation are embedded in those blue and white stripes. The thrilling 4-2 penalty shootout win over France will be engraved in the memory of soccer enthusiasts worldwide. With this, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi have turned these jerseys into a symbol of football excellence.

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Modern Significance of Argentina's Soccer Jerseys


So, that was all about the rich and interesting history of how white and blue soccer jerseys have become the official colors of Argentina's national football team.

Every stitch of Argentina's blue and white soccer jerseys has a story that dates back centuries. It's a story of nobility, revolution, and unwavering dedication to a cause. These colors have become a symbol of Argentina's spirit, and their journey from the Byzantine Empire to the modern soccer pitch is a testament to the power of tradition.

So, the next time you see an Argentinian player leaping for a header in their iconic jersey, remember that it's not just a piece of fabric; it's a representation of a nation's history and pride.

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