Brands and Logos Associated with Messi: All About His Sponsorship!

Everyone knows the name Lionel Andres Messi! Nobody does not respect and adore Lionel Messi when it comes to sport. Lionel Messi, the Argentine football maestro, transcends the realm of sports. He is a global icon, a marketing goldmine, and a magnet for brands eager to bask in his legendary glow.

From his boots to his energy drinks, Messi's every move is meticulously curated, woven into a tapestry of partnerships that fuel his fame and fortune. According to figures published by Genuine Impact Newsletter, Lionel Messi, the Argentine football sensation, came in as the highest-paid athlete in the 2021–22 season with total earnings of $130 million.

This impressive sum includes his $75 million in on-field profits from competition wins and pay and his $55 million in off-field earnings from expensive endorsements and sponsorship deals, which you can see on Messi Argentina Jersey and other non-sporting endeavors. Interesting, huh?

Messi New JerseyAdidas

As a brand ambassador for Adidas, the well-known German sportswear company Lionel Messi joined forces with them in 2006. Since then, Messi has grown to embody the company's ideals and image globally, becoming synonymous with it.

Messi’s jersey number history with Adidas stretches back to 2006, a union that has redefined football sponsorships. Adidas further cemented its association with Messi in 2017 by signing a lifetime contract, capitalizing on his great appeal. Messi represents Adidas by endorsing its football boots, clothes, and other athletic gear.

His signature "Miadidas" line of boots is coveted by amateurs and professionals, generating millions in revenue. The iconic three stripes adorn his kit, billboards, and social media posts, a constant reminder of this long-term, mutually beneficial partnership

Tata Motors

The famous Argentine football player Lionel Messi has been selected by Tata Motors, a well-known automaker in India, to serve as their worldwide brand ambassador. By utilizing Messi's global influence and popularity, this strategic alliance seeks to draw attention to Tata Motors' automobiles and emphasize their performance, dependability, and innovative features.

The affiliation of these two powerful organizations represents a common dedication to excellence and pushing limits. Even after Messi temporarily left the world of football in 2016, Tata Motors continued to believe in him.


With Lionel Messi serving as the company's global ambassador, Pepsi's partnership with Messi is an extremely noteworthy endorsement. Messi has been heavily featured in advertisements and marketing efforts due to this agreement, highlighting the players' and the brand's lively and enthusiastic personalities.

Pepsi has benefited greatly from Messi's long-term partnership, and the football player has starred in eye-catching TV commercials with other prominent players, including Mo Salah, Paul Pogba, and Jadon Sancho.


Messi has endorsed cellphones and other digital items from Huawei, a well-known telecoms corporation, as a result of their partnership.

Messi's persona as a brand ambassador complements Huawei's emphasis on performance, innovation, and worldwide reach. The collaboration emphasizes the ideals of innovation and quality that both parties hold dear.


The well-known snack company Lay's teamed up with Lionel Messi to promote their products and exploit his broad appeal. Messi's relationship with Lay's epitomizes the brand's enjoyment, leisure, and pleasure principles.

Since their collaboration began in 2013, Lay's has effectively leveraged Messi's celebrity to promote its brand internationally on Messi's World Cup jersey, enhancing his position as a well-liked brand ambassador.


Lionel Messi recently partnered with OrCam, a cutting-edge company in the eye care industry. Messi and the Israeli business, renowned for its dedication to meeting the needs of the blind and visually impaired society, inked a three-year partnership in 2020.

This collaboration demonstrates Messi's commitment to improving the world and encouraging creative solutions for people who are blind or visually impaired.


Beyond the pitch, Messi quenches his thirst with Gatorade. Since 2008, this sports drink brand has been Messi's hydration partner, featuring him in numerous campaigns and global advertisements. He embodies the brand's image of peak performance and unwavering sportsmanship, appealing to athletes and casual consumers.

The partnership goes beyond mere endorsement; Gatorade collaborates with Messi on product development, ensuring his voice is heard in every sip.


Messi's impact goes beyond soda and chips because he has partnered with the well-known limited-edition beer manufacturer Budweiser. Budweiser has had great success and built a lasting relationship with soccer fans due to its partnership.

In 2019, Messi raised eyebrows by partnering with Budweiser, starkly contrasting his previous clean-cut image. This strategic move targeted football fans in emerging markets, particularly China, where the beer brand enjoys immense popularity. Messi's association with Budweiser sparked debate, but it undoubtedly broadened his reach and cemented his international appeal.

Louis Vuitton

Lionel Messi and Louis Vuitton, two titans of their respective industries, collaborated on a luxury fashion line. Messi entered the world of luxury fashion when he was named as the brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton's men's collections in 2019.

The collaboration sought to fuse Louis Vuitton's heritage of fine craftsmanship and elegance with Messi's widespread influence and sense of style. Messi brilliantly reflected the brand's principles and represented the modern, discriminating man, making him a symbol of greatness and sophistication.


Lionel Messi has joined Gillette, a well-known personal care company, as a brand ambassador. Messi endorses Gillette's grooming products and features in their commercial efforts. The accuracy, perfection, and professionalism that Messi and Gillette both embody are highlighted by this collaboration.

Master Card

Lionel Messi and Mastercard, a well-known provider of financial services, will promote Mastercard's payment options. The partnership demonstrates Messi's widespread appeal and Mastercard's dedication to providing safe and practical payment methods.

Messi frequently participates in brand-promoting events and initiatives, so his relationship with Mastercard goes beyond standard advertising.


Lionel Messi's sponsorship history is proof of his unmatched talent, unquestionable charisma, and clever marketability. Beyond being a football player, he's a worldwide brand, an inspiration to strive for greatness, and a draw for companies looking to capitalize on his allure.

Messi's sponsorship portfolio will change along with his career, constantly inventing and adapting to solidify his status as one of the most commercially successful athletes of all time.